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Jordi Parellada

Jordi Parellada

Accredited Technology and Industry 4.0 Advisor by ACCIÓ

Carles Mercader


Accredited Technology Advisor by ACCIÓ

Jesús Bédmar

Project manager (PMP).

ClickUp official consultant


Summaconsultors is an organization dedicated since 2019 to advising companies, businesses, entrepreneurs, public administrations and training centers (public or private) offering different services.

The background and experience of the team members and sporadic collaborators who help us allow us to offer everything from small consulting services to large business projects.

Customized management of customer needs, empathy with the user and the opinion and participation of all involved is a value that we respect and that leads us to a serious and fruitful work. Therefore, in case of need, we seek the collaboration of specialists for specific situations.

Technologies are evolving at a fast pace and innovation is more needed every day.

Markets, business models, the behavior of users and customers, etc., has made such a big turn that it does not allow them to stop for a moment.